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We recently sat down with prolific Sydney based artist and creative Lauren Webster, whose retro inspired and playful illustrative pieces have been exhibited in solo and group shows across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Paris. 

Lauren Webster

What do you classify yourself as? Artist or Designer?
I am an artist. I dream things up and splash them straight down. Work that requires rulers and measurements or specifics of that nature aren't really my thing. I started drawing as a kid, then studied painting and drawing at art school and I have carried on doing just that until today. My art is what I do to satisfy that need all artists have to create. It is also how I make money to buy coconuts.

Lauren Webster x Sol Invictus

How did you get started in the industry?
I lined up my first solo show not too long after finishing up at art school and spent every spare minute that I had creating that body of work. The show went well which put some fire under me to continue creating in that same way. I would work intensely for a some months and then exhibit. From there I just started shaking it up and fusing my art with other interests and played around with different ways of sharing my work.

Today I still create paintings to be hang on the wall, but you will also find my work on surfboards, clothing, out on the street, on skateboards, and more. Oh, and on motorcycle helmets!

Do you have any artistic / stylistic influences?
I have a broad range of influences both in the art world and outside of it. I’m constantly influenced by vintage graphics and retro design elements. Whether it’s album art, vintage cars, tee shirts, or vintage postcards. All of that goodness makes my heart flutter and I use it in my work.

Lauren Webster

You recently collaborated with us on a helmet. Who else have you collaborated with recently?
Yes, the helmet was such a fun project! I thought a motorcycle helmet was the perfect fit for some of my retro/road-house kind of imagery and had been thinking about that for a while before teaming up with Sol Invictus.

Recently I have also been working with Mctavish Surfboards and Mambo amongst some other awesome brands which I really love and keeps me on my toes.

Lauren Webster

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