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Perfect Storm: Triumph Bonneville

When you buy a secondhand motorcycle interstate from a Priest you’d hope the bike has been looked after and it is exactly as he described it. Thankfully for one of our customers this is exactly what happened.

Patrick came to the shop with his 2007 Bonnie bought from a Priest in Queensland. The bike was pretty much stock and had relatively low kilometres on it. A perfect candidate to customise.

Patrick was looking to do a restrained and tasteful custom job on his Bonnie, subtle changes to give it a cooler, sleeker, more modern style.

First to go were the OEM novelty size indicators, we replaced them with minimal barend indicators up front and Purpose Built Moto LED indicators out back. We also removed the mirrors and swapped them out for a set of Blindspot mirrors.

Updated renthal handlebars gave the bike a more modern feel and a slightly more aggressive riding position. The grips were wrapped in vintage leather.
A shortened front fender and a tail elimination gave it that sleeker look we were after and to give it that cool tracker profile we fabricated a custom seat pan and had it upholstered with diamond pattern stitching. Patrick sourced some side covers from Europe while the tank got a respray and pinstriping. New reversed cone mufflers gave the bike more throatier sound and the new rear shock helped those aggressive dual sport tyres stay planted to the road. 
We’re not too sure what the Priest would think of the build but we think it’s heavenly!


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