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Style Master II: Stephen's Nemesis Classic Brat

Sometimes in life you can fluke it. You know, like when you lob a basketball from the other end of the court and it goes in without touching the hoop. 

Well when Stephen commissioned his first bike with us it was a class act; but after an accident that scrapped it he decided to use the opportunity to build a new slick brat style replacement. And with his second time around this new build shows it was no fluke.

The most defining change Stephen wanted was to have the seat low and thin to give the bike a brat style profile. The OEM seat was discarded and a new seat pan was handmade to follow the trimmed subframe. A custom made numberplate holder was attached to the rear loop and the 3-in-1 indicators tidied up the back end.

The custom sprayed tank in metallic gunmetal grey offsets the black leather upholstered seat and the side covers were covered in black vinyl to keep the look stealth. The higher OEM chrome handlebars were replaced with a lower motocross style black bar and the cross brace was removed to give it a more road bike look.

The other big visual change were the tyres. Stephen wanted a more retro look for these so we went with the Shinko E240/270s that have a higher profile and an old school tread pattern. The front end changes included swapping out the OEM instruments for a black mini single speedo, LED indicators, CNC bar-end mirrors and shortening the front fender.

This custom bike is a great example of what some relatively simple changes can do to transform the stock Nemesis classic to a very different and stylish looking motorcycle. We can't wait to see what Stephen's going to come up with for his next build.

• Custom tank - dark grey gunmetal 
Purpose built 3 in 1 indicators with splitter
• Custom seat pan to match subframe - upholstery and foam
• Stock headlight bucket wrapped black vinyl
Number plate light
CNC bar end mirrors
• Mini speedo with warning lights
• Shinko e240/270 tyres
• Shorten front fender low
• Number plate T-bar mounted onto frame
MX bar with centre piece removed 

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