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Sun's out, guns out! Spring Moto Maintenance

After the usual punish of Winter it's finally Springtime! For those of you who have been hibernating (or whose bikes have been) here are a few quick checks before you hit the road:

1. If you haven't started your bike in a few months you should put your battery on a charger before you try to start it.

2. Check your tyre pressures and tyre conditions.

3. Check your brake pads.

4. Check that indicators, brake lights and headlights are all working.

5. Check the engine oil level and colour.

6. Check the chain tension. This is essential for safe riding.

7. If the fuel has been sitting in the bike all winter then it's a good idea to put fresh fuel in as modern fuel doesn't keep very well.

8. Cast your eye over the bike and make sure nothing needs tightening.

9. Check your helmet and riding gear.

After that your all set! If you have any questions regarding your bike or need a service, please get in touch!

In Newcastle, we also offer a mobile mechanic service that will come to you, so let us know if we can assist!

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